Coil Cleaning Brush

Refrigerator running warm

Refrigerator running warm – Use a refrigerator coil brush!

This is a common complaint with refrigerator, the owner notices that the food is spoiling faster than it should, and the refrigerator just doesn’t seem cold enough.

Dirty Refrigerator CoilsOne of the first things a homeowner might try to fix this issue of the refrigerator running warm, is to clean underneath the refrigerator. The coils that are located at the bottom of the refrigerator collect dust and dirt, which constricts the airflow to the coils. A simple remedy of vacuuming out the dirt underneath the refrigerator and carefully brushing off the coils with a long handled duster (LoneStar Appliance Parts has them in stock) can do wonders for your refrigerator and you may not need to replace any refrigerator parts at all!

Did you know that by keep the coils clean you can save money? Clogged, dirty coils causes the refrigerator to “work harder” to maintain it’s cold temperatures and that will cost more to run.

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