Dishwasher Parts

dishwasher parts

dishwasher parts

          Dishwasher parts can be found at LoneStar Appliance Parts.  We are your store for replacement parts for your stand alone or built-in dishwasher.  Whether you are a service contractor, licensed service technician, or the do-it-yourself homeowner, LoneStar Appliance Parts is able to supply you with all the most popular dishwasher parts and accessories that you will need to get your dishwasher up and running quickly.   We can also special order those hard to find parts.  

          LoneStar Appliance Parts is centrally located in North Dallas and carries most popular dishwasher parts and accessories. Customers who are searching for specific dishwasher parts are often thrilled to learn that it is in stock and ready for them to pick-up.  Our knowledgeable staff is happy to take your call at (972) 895-2522, and help you find replacement parts or OEM parts for your dishwasher.  We can also give you technical advice, if you need it, to find the proper dishwasher parts, and to make the necessary repairs to your dishwasher.  If you prefer, you can request information or make comments by filling out the form to the right.  Our courteous staff will respond promptly when open, and if closed, will respond shortly upon reopening.

          LoneStar Appliance Parts carries many common repair dishwasher parts in stock, including:

  • Spray Arms
  • Motor brackets
  • Filters
  • Macerators
  • Pump / Motors
  • Hoses / Tubes
  • Float switches
  • Inlet valves
  • Control modules
  • Heater relays
  • Gaskets
  • and more

          Customers can call the store to place an order, and usually pick up their dishwasher parts the same day. Specialty items can be ordered, shipped and picked-up within a couple of days.  Please don't hesitate to give us a call at (972) 895-2522, to help you fix your dishwasher.  Make "One Call - One Stop!"  Our commitment is your satisfaction!  


Dishwasher parts

Let’s talk Dishwasher Parts

      One Major Common Dishwasher Problem - Water Leaks!

          Unfortunately, there are many sources that can cause a dishwasher to start leaking.  A worn pump, cracked, brittle, or damaged door seals, a failed water inlet valve, or a malfunctioning float switch are just a few sources.  Finding the leak is a process of elimination.  Before you become a water detective, it will probably be necessary to remove the front bottom access panel of the dishwasher to aid you in your investigation and determine the source of  leak.

          The front bottom of the dishwasher looks like a kick-plate.  Remove the dishwasher kick-plate/access panel.   Check the water inlet valve when the dishwasher is filling.  The water inlet valve is located behind the lower portion of the kick-plate of the dishwasher.  This is location where the home's main water source connects directly to the appliance.   Check the copper tubing, the rubber hoses, and the braided hose for damage (cracks, wear, rubbing, etc.)  Also check the water inlet valve itself for any cracks or damage.  One way to check for water leaking is to wipe with a completely dry cloth, and then wait a few moments to see if water appears on the "dry" portion.  

          Leaking can also come from the pump.  Gaskets on the pump can wear out.  

          Check all the fittings for the hoses and clamps.  They should be securely attached at each end, and they shouldn't be loose or cracked.  

          If water appears to be leaking around the front of the dishwasher, it could be the door gasket.  As dishwashers age, the gaskets become brittle and less flexible.  Eventually, they could not seal properly. Inspect the gasket.  If it seems brittle or damaged, you will need to replace the dishwasher door gasket.  

          Check the dishwasher latch and the alignment of the door on the dishwasher.  The gap between the door and the inside tub should be the same on both sides.  A faulty door latch or a misaligned door could cause a dishwasher to leak.

          Another item to suspect if the dishwasher appears to be leaking around the front is the detergent dispenser. After checking the door latch and the gasket, if you still have a problem, inspect the dispenser unit.  If the unit is separate from the door, the gasket seal could have failed.  If it's a molded door dispenser, leaking could be caused by the dispenser latch assembly, which uses a rubber grommet to seal the dispenser latch to the door panel.

          One potential culprit creating the leak could be the spray arms.  There are usually two.  If the spray arms located on the bottom and on the top/middle of the dishwasher are damaged or clogged, it will change the spray pattern of the water inside the machine.  The "new" pattern could be shooting water towards the bottom of the door where there is no gasket. 

          Too much water at the bottom of the dishwasher tub is a red flag that your timer, float, or float switch is probably defective. There is a float in your dishwasher that activates the float switch.  The float is usually located below the rim in the front left or right corner below the tub line.  Directly below the float is the float switch.  Your timer should control the level of the water in your dishwasher.  The float and float switch are your fail-safe if the timer is defective.  If the float sticks or is broken, it won't activate the float switch and turn off the water.  If the float switch is defective,  the tub will fill with too much water and will leak out. The water in the tub should be fill to the level of the heating element.

          We hope these suggestions help you find your dishwasher problem.  If you need further help, please call LoneStar Appliance Parts at (972) 895-2522.  Our fully trained staff will help you identify your problem and any replacement parts that you might need.